Disjointed about the Rapture

For the last two nights I’ve sat memorised in front of my TV, PS4 controller in hand, as I meander around one of the best video game worlds ever realised. The sad part is, that upon finishing the game – I’ve not been left with a magical feeling in my stomach, in fact, there’s not much feeling there at all.

Everyone’s Gone to The Rapture is a game that I’ve been drooling over since it was first announced. The idea of exploring a game world modelled on 1980s rural England (a world where I grew up in) was so appealing to me. Too many games are set on half demolished battlefields and make experiences like this seem like a real breath of fresh air. I will hand on my heart say that the makers absolutely nailed the aesthetics of this game. Its possible that this is the most beautiful game I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience (The only game to top it might be Journey). But while they got so much right, they also got a lot wrong!

I’m not going to harp on about the slow pace that you walk around the environment as others have done. Its shitty, but hey, get over it!

The real thing which has troubled me is that the game is just too darn vague in the story department. Everything seems over forced to make it cryptic. There’s too many possibilities as to what might have happened in this earth shattering event, with no big answer or pay off at the end. Now, I understand that they want the player to take their own meaning from their experience. Perhaps I’m just not open minded enough to come to conclusions on my own. Perhaps I lack imagination. Whatever the cause, I was left wanting for the storytellers here to just give me a definitive answer. I would have been soooo much happier for everything to have been wrapped up in a nice little three hour bubble. Instead, now I’m left with disappointment. Did I miss something, was I supposed to talk to X character…

I’m actually wondering now if I did miss something. I’ve not been put off enough to never want a second play through. Maybe next time I will get the closure that I feel I need.

Either way, with graphics looking this good, it’ll be a trip I’ll enjoy the second time, no matter what.



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