What I want from the next Red Dead!

The rumour mill is in full flow surrounding a pending announcement from Rockstar about the hotly anticipated Read Dead Redemption sequel. This seems like a good time for me to sit down and actually think about what I want from the game. Red Dead is 100% inside my top 10 games of all time so a sequel is something that I have been wishing to happen for many years now.

This will entirely be a selfish list of things I want included. There is no opinion polls, I’m not looking for what I think will make the community happy. Just what I want in this game. Because its all about ME!!!


Firstly, the time period. I want John Marston in this game! I don’t want his pesky son or some other antagonist that I don’t care about. I love John! His past was alluded to in the previous game, how he ran with Dutch’s gang and was a proper bad ass. Then he broke away became a better person. That’s the story I want told! But I don’t want to play John. (I’ll come to that in a minute) Also going back in time would allow the west to become slightly more wild! (We want Indians dammit!)

Secondly, the world. I know that it’s going to look fantastic. Hell, the last one still stands up over 6 years later. This thing is going to look absolutely beautiful. There’s no question about that. This might seem strange but what I don’t want is a bigger world. Like a huge Skyrim / Witcher sized world that takes weeks to get across. I would much prefer a tighter, more detailed world. I’m happy for it to be the same actual size as it’s predecessor, but I want every saloon, house, cave, tree to all be packed to the brim with detail. I want to find hidden gems everywhere I go. I want to return to the same area 20 times and find something new every single time.

Next up, I would like it to be multiplayer. All the time. Much like Destiny or The Division, it would be awesome if at times you passed by other players going about their own business. Upon launch you will create your own cowboy character and see that character evolve over time. They’ll be daily missions and opportunities for players to team up to complete missions, or go it alone, it’s up to you.


I also like the idea of bringing in a system much like Animal Crossing. Where the calendar and day/night cycles play out in real time. So play the game at night, and expect this to be represented in the game. Maybe even specific quests could only be playable during certain time frames, say between 9pm and 10pm on a Saturday night. Maybe there are horse races that only happen on Sunday afternoons or a singer comes to town once a month on a Friday evening. This would make for a hugely varied experience. Halloween, Easter, Christmas would be huge in-game festivals that everyone would log on for. Imagine if the weather also changed with the seasons and certain animals were only around at the right times of the year. You could expect an entirely different game if you stopped played in June and booted it up again in December. Awesome!

I would also like it if you started with a plot of land to build you ranch, and the money you earned in the game could be spent upgrading it. How great would it be to visit a ranch on the other side of the map to buy cattle and then have to drive the whole heard back across the map to your own dwelling. You would be so invested in keeping each prizes cow alive. Other players could then try to rustle your cattle. Hours of fun!

If none of these ideas come to light, I’m sure Red Dead Redemption 2 will be a great game. Rockstar probably know better then I do anyway. I just hope they’ve got the balls to try out a few new things and not just do a prettier retelling of the previous game.


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