Summer is Finally Here!

Valve’s annual Steam summer sale is well away. With many deals on new and old games it is the perfect time to pick up a bargain. The sale started on the 23rd of June and will end on the 4th of July. Game deals last throughout the sale dates. The previous sale had daily timed discounts. Certain games would have a higher percent for the allotted time. After the time ran out the deal percent would go back to its original. I prefer how this year’s deals are done. Flash sales where hectic and if you missed them you missed out on huge discounts. It will be interesting to see if the game deals change at all. Watch this space.

This year’s bundle deals include Bioshock (75-80%), Resident Evil (30-83%), Dirt (40-80%), Fallout (40-50%) and many more. Each day on the store page different discounted games and bundles are shown. More recent games have lower discounts, Dark Souls III (-25%), DOOM (-40%), Hyper Light Drifter (-20%) and many more. A first for Valve this year is deals on Virtual Reality (VR) games.

In recent years the Summer Sale has included a mini game. Last year’s was the Monster Summer Game. It involved clicking madly to destroy monsters to earn level ups and mini game items. This year there appears to be no mini game as of yet. Will Valve surprise us?

Valve has included cute picnic related animations at the top of the store page. These change daily. This year also includes the summer sale cards to collect in order to craft the sale badge. Cards are obtained by going through your game queue or buying games.

I grabbed Stardew Valley from the sale with 20% off. This is a game worth playing. The summer sale is great for buying old games you have not played in a series. Last year i brought Bioshock which is a great game.

There are mixed reviews about this year’s sale. Some preferred the flash sales of previous years, as they offered bigger discounts. Others prefer this year’s sale as the continuous discounts are easier to budget for. Either way I always look forward to this event, even if it does hurt my wallet.


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    Nice post!


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