Hideo Kojima is back!

The man that made Metal Gear is back with a new game. Sadly not Silent Hills (insert tear here). His new game was announced at Sony’s’ E3 event, the title… ‘Death Stranding’. In the usual Kojima style the teaser trailer was obscure and confusing. To me it is going to be one to watch. The trailer features Norman Reedus butt naked and covered in what looks like mud and hand prints. There is a baby, dead whales and black dots in the sky. Yes as I said obscure and confusing. No one knows what the hell this game is about.

Here is a link to the trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2nuHEGhwiw .

Kojima is giving us titbits. He teased the game would have a new system and traditional weapons such as guns would be swapped for… rope? He has also said the game is about how we are all connected. Death and life are themes within the game. There are many theories and Kojima is not giving much away. I feel this adds to the hype. I want to know what it is all about and I assume many others feel this way There have been no confirmed release date as of yet. Kojima is still picking an engine for the mystery game. It has not started production so is a long way off.

Watch this space!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rob Jon Andrews says:

    When do you predict we’ll actually see this game on shelves?


  2. kerreantbun says:

    I want to say a year or two, but who knows with Kojima.


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