Games to Watch

These are a few of the games I am excited about playing when they are released.

Outlast 2:   I am looking forward to this coming out as the first game was brilliant. The second game veers away from the Asylum but is still set in the same world. It is based around a religious cult. A game play trailer has been released and it looks creepy. The camera display looks as though its had an upgrade. There is no release date other than Fall 2016.


The Last Guardian:   The game trailer was shown at Sony’s E3 event and I must say it looks beautiful. The main character looks as though he is from the Last Airbender. I love Trico he/she is so cute and what a great companion. The game world from the trailer looks like an interesting yet dangerous place to explore.


God of War:   Yet another beautiful game from Sony. It looks like this game could get challenging with the giant boss presented in the E3 trailer. The combat system looks fun, you can throw your axe at enemies and buy yourself some time to kill other enemies. You play as Kratos the god of war.


Horizon Zero Dawn:    Sony’s Horizon Zero Dawn looks immense. The graphics looks amazing. It’s great that there is a strong female lead in Aloy. The creatures in the game look great. The game system itself looks interesting and fun to play. You even get a mount. Whats not to like about this game. It a new twist on the post-apocalyptic genre.



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