Welcome to the Asylum

So I am reminiscing about the crazy days at Mount Massive Asylum in the wait for Outlast 2… So I thought I would do a blog about the game that scared me many times.

Well what to say about Outlast… scary, depraving, gruesome sounding good yet? Outlast was a horror survival game made by Red Barrels in 2013. I was shocked to hear the development team was a small one. It’s great to see small development companies making such an impact on the gaming universe.  In a weird way it was nice to be scared by a game.  Outlast certainly made my heart thump, hair raise, eyes widen and jaw drop.

You play as the reporter Miles Upshur who is doing a report on the Mount Massive Asylum.  It is a beautiful looking game. The asylum looks foreboding from the outside and much worse from the inside. All you have is a video camera with night vision. Collecting batteries is vital to keeping you night vision going. This is important as its dark in there.

I loved the run and hide mechanic, it certainly added to the suspense.  The horror survival genre has become more about horror kill. Which is fine but this does take the suspense away. Remember in horror movies the victim would be hiding the killer comes out of nowhere and make you jump. That’s what I believe makes a horror. You’re welcome to disagree with me.

The gore factor was high up the scale. Blood, guts and death are on the agenda. Also there was male nudity. I know how childish but it was shocking to see it in a game.

I did feel that the villains were easy to get around either by out running them or learning their patterns. I feel it would have been better if this was completely random. It would have been nice to be able to distract villains. Much like alien: isolation, noise maker.

Ok on to the DLC, Whistle-blower.  What a disgusting add on. One character comes to mind ‘Eddie Gluskin.’ play the DLC and you will know what I am talking about.  You play as the whistle-blower Waylon Park. This is a prequel to the main game. It was good how it followed and overlapped the main games timeline. It was good to see how the asylum got into such a state. I do have to take my hat off to Red Barrels for smashing all the boundaries. Like no game should include necrophilia.

I am looking forward to Outlast 2 which has not been given a specific release date other than fall 2016. Watch this space.


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