Killing Floor 2

So I played Killing Floor 1 and enjoyed it immensely. It was released in 2009. So Killing Floor 2 was a long time coming. I have to say number 2 is a lot harder. Which don’t get me wrong is brilliant. Its close quarters and the enemies are tougher and better looking (graphically speaking). It still has elements of the original, which are the trader and the hordes of different Zeds.

It does seem like it takes ages to level up the different perks. There are 7 in total Berserker, Commando, Support, Field Medic, Demolitionist, Firebug, and Gunslinger. I played as the Gunslinger. This perk was able to use single and dual pistols. The only bad point was that it was difficult to aim with dual pistols and reload speeds were slow.


There is a Zed VS Human PvP mode that can be played. When you play as the Zeds you get their abilities. So crawlers can jump through the air, Stalkers turn invisible and many of the others.

At the moment it is included in the steam summer sale (ending 4th July) with 33% off.

ss_54050f1f880949b5f98328dce5b2339872a15f67.1920x1080 (1)

Tripwire announced at E3 that their new VR game Killing Floor Incursion is in development for the Oculus Touch. The game looks as creepy as the rest and the VR element will make this fun to play. Finally we can enter the Killing Floor universe… it’s a nightmare come true.

There has been no confirmed release date for Killing Floor Incursion as of yet.

Watch this space!


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