Video Gaming History. A Personal Journey.

I love that video games have a long and rich history. From Pong to the games of today it’s been one heck of a journey that is only getting better. So I thought I would talk about some of the moments I love from the bygone years.  I apologise now I have not really played on Xbox… I know but PlayStation got my heart at a young age. I feel like I missed out on the golden years of Nintendo.

If you want to know more read A brief History of Video Games by Richard Stanton.

My own love affair with gaming started young with the Commodore Amiga. I remember the games were on floppy discs. I remember titles such as Hagar the Horrible, Naughty Ones (look it up its not rude), Battle Chess and many more. The Amiga was released on October 1992 and discontinued in 1996.


SEGA Megadrive, what a console for its time. I remember playing Lion King, Ecco the Dolphin, Columns and of course Sonic the hedgehog. Sega released a well-known slogan alongside their new system ‘Genesis does what Nintendon’t’ clearly a stab at Nintendo. The war was raging. Sega’s campaign defined the console as cool. It was known as Megadrive in Europe but Genesis in America.

maxresdefault (5).jpg

Gameboy and GB Advanced, now these were hand helds to remember. Mainly I played Pokémon like all the time. I had Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Emerald and Ruby. It was released September 1990. Nintendo wiped out any handheld competitors with the release of the Gameboy.


PlayStation One, some of the best times of my life playing Final Fantasy 8, Driver, Crash bandicoot, Music and many more. OK so this is where PlayStations History Starts after Nintendo dropped the idea Sony went ahead and I am glad they did. The PS One was released 3rd December 1994. It would overtake Sega’s Saturn with little effort.

maxresdefault (6).jpg

PlayStation two was spent playing Mortal Kombat, Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy X, Resident Evil 4 and many more. It was released on 24th November, 2000. It was released before the Xbox but after the SEGA Dreamcast. The Xbox was dubbed ‘an Ugly Mother Fucker’ due to its bulky size. The PS one went onto crush the Dreamcast.


Nintendo Wii, so I mainly played the Wii fitness game and the Wii Sports. It was released December 2006. I remember the horror stories of people smashing TVs with projectile Wii remotes. The Wii sold more than the Xbox 360 and PS 3 combined. It was a new exciting way of gaming.


PlayStation Three followed this, not a lot was played on this mainly I played white knight Chronicles 1 and 2. The PS 3 was released November 17, 2006. It was around this time I was starting to trade consoles for my beloved PC. The PS 3 is chunky yet sleek looking.


Now back to the old faithful PC where I play so many games. My alter ego Kerreant Bun came from a network whilst playing hours of Warframe. I believe Valve’s Steam was the making of PC gaming. It offers thousands of games. It’s a community of gamers and developers. Kind of like a huge family.

My very own gaming history has seen many systems, some more amazing than the others.Console wars have been waged. Xbox and PlayStations battle is ongoing. The history of gaming will keep evolving. With the rise of virtual reality and breath taking graphics I am privileged to be apart of the gaming world. Who knows maybe a new contender will enter the ring in time…


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