Prison Architects Wanted!

I love, love, love this game. I played it for many hours and found it hard to tear myself away. I mainly played the sandbox mode. It was great how you could alter your game by turning on the different conditions, weather, gangs, fog of war etc. The other aspect of the game I liked was the grant system. You had to complete certain tasks in order to get the money to expand your prison.

There are many features that make this game interesting. You have to manage electric and water networks. If the power station gets overloaded then its lights out… literally! I experienced this when my main kitchen was too much.

You also have to manage inmates regimes in order to keep the prison temperature down. If the temperature reaches critical you will probably have a riot on your hands or a few deaths.

You can also manage staff patrols throughout the prison. these include guards, dog patrols and armed guards. If you don’t want your prisoners to escape then I suggest a few snipers dotted on your borders.

I love how this game looks. The prison inmates and staff are simple but this gives the game it individuality.

There are loads of additions to this game through the Steam Workshop. If you have played enough of your own prison why not try one from the workshop.


There is a steam achievement you can get for making you prison worth 1 million.

prison architect acheivments.png

I know i look sad as that is my prison worth below and my steam achievement above, but I am proud of it.


I am amazed at the amounts of management games that are out there. It reminds me of the days when Theme Hospital and Roller-coaster Tycoon were big.  Who would have thought building and managing a prison could be so fun.


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