Side by Side VS Over Under

I shoot Shotguns in real life (clay pigeons). I shoot a Browning Synergy under over. So how does this relate to gaming? Well most of the games I have played where shooting is involved have the classic side by side, or single barrel. I have not really seen an under over. So this got me thinking, why?

Games that I have played or watched featuring the classic side by side are Sniper Elite: Nazis Zombies, until dawn, Resident Evil 4, Killing Floor Two and many more.


The most prolific side by side I know of is the sawn off.  Is this what people immediately think of when picturing a shotgun? This is why I think that there are more side by sides than under overs. Before I got into shooting my image of a shotgun was the classic sawn off. I didn’t even know you could get under overs.

I have been told that there is an over under in one of the Call of Duty games. Although I am not heavily invested in them. I may have to test it out.

Hopefully one day I will get to see what all the fuss is about for the good old side by side.

Please post in the comments your gaming shotguns that you know of and love.


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  1. Rob Jon Andrews says:

    Very interesting. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as an over under


  2. kerreantbun says:

    Neither did I till I started shooting. I have heard the side by side is harder to shoot as there are two triggers. The under over only has one. Hopefully one day I can put it to the test.

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