Top 10 Sexiest Video Game Males

A fellow blogger of mine did a top 10 on the sexiest female game characters. I thought I would do one for the ladies just to be fair.

#10 Gordon Freeman Half Life

Gordon freeman is the main protagonist from Half Life. With those piercing green eyes, well-trimmed facial hair and glasses he is hot. It’s kind of in that your friends dad is hot way. Even in his half Life armour he does it for me.


#9 Solid Snake Metal Gear Solid

Next up is solid Snake. He is a rogue with a scared face and for some reason that’s appealing.  Do I need to remind you how tight his suit is? You can see every defined muscle and it’s something to drool over. Even with his older character models he has aged well.


#8 Squal Lionheart Final Fantasy VIII

Squall is a lovable rouge with his cute anime features its hard not to like him. OK so he is not huge and muscly but not every game character needs to be like that. As his character progresses through the game he shows different traits. At first he is stubborn and aloof. He starts to show a sweet caring nature as he is encounters different trials. Also he knows how to handle his Gunblade…


#7 Mike Until Dawn

Mike is a stereotypical jock. Tall dark and handsome and a little obnoxious but you can’t help but fancy him. At first he seems a bit wimpy and that’s OK. As the game progresses we see him step up and take charge. I have to mention him in his tank top muscles out and glistening with sweat. Yep I know I am drooling at the thought.


#6 Dante  Devil May Cry

What to say about Dante. His one hot anime guy. Mostly he has his well chiselled abs on display and you have to stare. The leather trousers he wears does things to a woman. It is like seeing a toned guy in motorbike leathers you can’t help but look. Well I can’t.


#5 Snow Villiers Final Fantasy XIII

Blonde hair blue eyes, a small amount of stubble what’s not to like? He has a unique style which is eye catching. This is one guy i wouldn’t mind fighting Final fantasy monsters with.


#4 Norman Reedus Death Stranding

OK, OK I know the game is not even out yet but Norman Reedus is naked ! Do I need to say much more…  OK so Norman Reedus is hot in that rouge way. If you have seen walking dead then you will know what I mean.


#3 Nathan Drake Uncharted

Nathan Drake is tall dark and handsome. He is like a sexy Indiana Jones.  He looks like he knows what to do in a tough situation and could keep you very safe. The way he dresses i casual you could imagine hanging out with him or going on a walk through the jungle.


#2 Booker Dewitt Bioshock Infinite

Wow what a good looking guy, rugged a small amount of stubble and dark hair what’s not to like. (Maybe you have noticed a pattern here). He looks like he knows how to take charge and get the job done. Troubled by his past he is a serious man, and level headed some great traits to have. He even shows a caring side towards his companion Elizabeth.


#1 Leon Kennedy Resident evil 4

This was a close decision but Leon wins. Leon Kennedy is the main protagonist from Resident evil four. He’s good looking, manly, and toned. He is not afraid of zombies, Del Lago, men with chainsaws and other villains that get in his way. He even manages to kill and look after Ashley, he is the full package. One more thing to note he knows how to handle his gun…


OK so that is my top ten sexiest male game characters. If I have missed anyone I am very sorry but would love to hear which characters you think are sexy and why.


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  1. captainxena says:

    SO MUCH YASSS! lol

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