Life is Strange

Life is Strange came out last year but still has a place in my heart. You play as a teen called Max Caulfield navigating high school life with a bit of a twist. I won’t ruin it for you. I played this game from start to finish and loved it. It includes the popular butterfly effect mechanic. This gives you different a play through each time. (I may have played it through fully a few times). There are many strong characters such as Max, Chloe and Victoria. The game deals with different life events, such as drugs, death, bullying, suicide and more. I feel this gives people certain aspects to relate to.  I loved how attached you get to some of the characters. Your opinion of each person changes as the game evolves. I tried to make choices I felt I would make in real life. This reflected your morality.

It was nice to see a strong female lead in the form of Max. She was brave kind and caring.

The sound track to Life is Strange is amazing. It’s worth checking out. I also liked the art style. At times I found the point and click mechanic a little tiresome.

It was interesting to play an episodic based game. After each episode it left me wanting more.


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