It’s a Beautiful World.

Over time game graphics have evolved a hell of a lot. They have become more realistic and many art styles have been used. So what makes a game beautiful? Is it cinematic graphics? Yes and no. A games individuality is beautiful to me, a bit  like snowflakes.

Here are my five favourites beautiful games.

Lumino City

Ok so this game is a special one. I was at the women’s in games conference in London last year and the game creators were there. The graphics in this game are all handmade then captured by a camera. I think that’s dedication to game creation. The only had the camera for a day so its amazing what they created in such a short time.


Knock Knock

So this was a random game buy for me a few months ago. I love how art style is almost cartoony. The main character you play as looks like a mad scientist. The graphics of the world and inside the house made the game feel foreboding.


Until dawn

Ok so until dawn I have mixed opinions upon its graphics. On one hand the people and surrounding looks almost life like. Then you look at certain aspects and it just looks pants. Yes I am talking about their mouths. I don’t know what it is but they never seem real enough. Something about the mouths is just off and they look a little weird at times.


Never Ending Nightmares

So this is another horror game but the art style gives it a total different look. I found out the game is based around the creators struggle with mental health. This is seen through the games graphics as it becomes darker and the surrounding detariate. What I loved about this games look was it was mostly black and white. The blood was bright red and most objects you could interact with were coloured.


Everybody’s gone to the rapture

Ok, ok I know this is a given. Everybody’s gone to the rapture is truly a graphical masterpiece. The world in which you are put into is stunning. It makes you want to stick around and explore everything the game has to offer.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rob Jon Andrews says:

    Just checked out Lumino City after reading this. That game looks amazing! Does it play as well as it looks?


  2. kerreantbun says:

    Its a point and click puzzle adventure. So it can be a little clunky when playing. Although the game world makes up for it as its brilliant.


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