Rise of the Youtuber

In recent years there has been an influx of gaming YouTubers. I am amazed how it has taken off. It is a part of gaming life. Many do it for different reasons, money, charity, spreading information, a hobby and many more.To me one group of youtubers that stand out are the Yogscast. Mainly doing lets plays, vlogs, live streams and lots more.  The most prominent aspect of this group is their charity work. This is what I feel is amazing about YouTubers.

I was watching a 2015 Jingle Jam Christmas charity live stream which raised well over five hundred thousand dollars for charities such as Cancer Research UK, Fauna & Flora International, MSF/Doctors Without Borders, SpecialEffect, Oxfam, Games Aid and the Mental Health Foundation.


I have read some comments from followers and I’m touched at how watching these YouTube videos brighten someone’s day. It really makes a difference to people and their lives. I have watched a lot of lets plays and I can say they have made me roll around with laughter.  When I’ve been sad my favourite YouTubers have made my day a lot better.

download (1).jpg

If you don’t feel like creating YouTube content there is a simulator game called YouTubers Life. I am yet to play it but may give it a go.

I say good job to all the content creators out there giving insights into games we can’t or won’t play.


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