Who is to Blame?

As we all know Pokémon GO is a huge deal at the moment. It has been all over the news. The stories that have caught my eye are sadly the bad ones. There have been reports that people are getting lured by criminals and having their phones taken. Another story I saw was about how children can become vulnerable through the use of the app.

So this got me to thinking is it the makers of Pokémon GO who are responsible or is it the players themselves.  A lot about being safe is common sense, don’t go down dark alleys, and don’t wave your phone around and others like this. So it can be said that Pokémon GO is tempting people into doing this. Does this therefore make the company who made the game blameable? Well no, that is my answer. With everything in life you have to use some common sense.

It shouldn’t take the company releasing warnings to make people use their brain. It is just a given of life that people will see a weakness and exploit it. It’s human nature that some people do bad things to others.

In the case of children being made vulnerable by the game, I believe this comes down to the appropriate adult in care of that child. They should be educating the child on safety or walking around with them.  What can the makers do? Other than having an age limit which then restricts the younger players and that’s not what Pokémon go is about.

So to all the people playing Pokémon GO (myself included) be careful out there. That Pokémon is not worth losing your phone or getting hurt.

Please tell me about your views upon the matter.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Rob Jon Andrews says:

    I would happily give my life to catch them all!


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