Suicide Squad – How I would have done it!

There’s an old expression…

“A camel is a horse designed by committee”

While this might not be true when applied to all films made by big studios, one cant help but wonder if this is one reason why things don’t seem to be working out for DC’s cinematic universe.

In the run up to Suicide Squad’s release, there were various reports about rushed re-shoots in reaction to the universal panning of Batman vs Superman. This put pressure on the editing process too and I’ve been led to believe the movie was cut again and again to try and change the tone of the final film. I imagine there were emergency meetings when the first reviews of BvS started coming in where movie execs would make snap decisions, perhaps not fully comprehending how this would ultimately impact the flow of the film. The result is a big mess. Sure the movie is kind of fun, but it is ultimately forgettable and is not living up to the expectations of fans who were largely hoping for much more. In my mind a big reason for this comes down to studios not putting enough trust in their directors to tell the story they want to tell. You cant just shoehorn new content in when it doesn’t fit with the story, pacing and tone that the director is trying to convey.

A good chunk of people who moan and grumble on the internet about such things as this movie simply leave it at that – they don’t offer any kind of solution. If you are willing to criticise, then you should also be willing to offer something constructive too. Otherwise its just a load of ranting and that gets tiring quickly. Now I’m obviously not in the same league as the makers of BvS or Suicide Squad, but I have directed two short movies of my own. So I feel it would be an injustice not to put my money where my mouth is and offer up an alternative plot and tone for this film.

Here we go…
Firstly my movie would be R rated. This is about villains after all. Villains do bad things and I find it strange that this group of the (supposedly) most evil people in the world, don’t do some pretty f**ked up and nasty stuff. Same goes for the language. Are we supposed to buy that a drunken mess like Boomerang is not going to drop an F bomb every other sentence. No, lets just let them do what they do. This is going to be an adult’s movie.

In terms of plot, I would actually veer a little away from the comics (I can imagine alarm bells ringing in your head right now) and I would certainly not have this rag tag group of maniacs be forced together to do something good. That’s just standard, boring action movie stuff which I’m frankly getting a little jaded by. Instead I would have a group of maniacs get together to do something bad. I would have them all unite on their own accord, to take down Batman once and for all. Think about it, how cool would it be to watch these super villains join forces and come up with a plan to take down their ultimately foe? Its like the very opposite of the justice league. In fact I’m willing to push this idea even further. What if they decide to hurt Batman, to knock him back a peg or two, to defeat him psychologically. They decide to kill Robin. This film tells the tale of exactly how they murdered the boy wonder in the events leading up to Batman vs Superman. It would probably end with them being sent to Arkham by Batman. But they still win. They got what they wanted.

The tone of my film would be dark, brooding, adult and psychologically challenging. These will not be fun heroes to cheer for. They will be just as repulsive as villains should be. It will try to get under the skin of each of them and tell the tale of why they embrace evil and how they see Batman and the other members of the Justice league as the true villains. It will be a character study – not an action movie. There will be less big explosions, set pieces and silly one liners. Instead, I want to focus on how a group of maniacs interact with each other when they are forced to co-operate. I think it would make for a very tense and unpredictable film.

So there you have it. That’s how I would have done it. Probably wouldn’t have been green-lit by the fat cats upstairs, but at least I would have tried to tell my own vision. Leave comments if you have ideas of your own!


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