No Mans Sky

It has been a long time since I blogged. recently I have been playing No Mans Sky. A space exploration game; where you explore different systems and the planets they have to offer.

So I started playing the game a few days ago. I found the tutorial part a bit of a grind and a little annoying, but hey I needed my ship operational. So as I got underway one question kept popping up. Is this all the game has to offer. I can see how the game would become tiring very easily.

So far all I have seen is the NPC’s and their ships. The prospect of meeting other players while travelling was exciting to me. Maybe before boredom overtakes me I will bump into someone. I understand that the No Mans Sky universe is vast and finding another player maybe slim.


It would be great to be able to build a home base with storage and the option to jump to a friends planet base. Resources could be traded this way. I would like to see a trade network between other players. At present i am not sure what the trade points are all about. Am I trading with NPC’s or other players?

I do find it annoying as if you do not find the warp drive technology and antimatter blue print you are stuck in your system and those planets. Hopefully I will find this tech soon.


So I feel I have moaned a lot. I apologise for that. On to the good bits of the game. First the different looks of the planets is brilliant. I have not found one that looks like the previous. this makes me want to explore more planets. maybe find one like Earth.


The creatures in the game are great, most I have found are like Frankensteins of nature. It is great how you can scan these creatures and rename and receive credits. I do like how easy it is to get more credits.


I find the interaction with the different races in different systems rewarding. Each one is a puzzle that you do not always win. When you get it wrong it allows you to speak again but normally for a price of carbon. Which to my experiences is abundant on most planets. You get to learn snippets of the races language by discovering relics and monuments.


The life management aspect is a nice touch. You have to manage life support systems and any specialist protection like, temperature, radiation, acidity etc. whilst exploring and getting resources you have to manage life support all the times and the special protection when the planet has an effect mentioned above. Sometimes this can become annoying but its realism.


Lastly I like the combat in the game. Whether this is in space or down on a planet with the sentinels and your multi tool. I am yet to have a dog fight with another ship. I do find the flight mechanics a little clunky and this would make it hard to make difficult manoeuvres. Unless the better ship you get the better its manoeuvrability.


All in all the game is great looking and offers some good features. I hope they add more to the game as I feel it is becoming tiring at the moment. It would be great if i found someone else planet or if they found mine.


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