Stranger Things: Perfect Timing?

If you were to look up the average age of Netflix subscribers on the World Wide Web (as I did) you’ll see that the most prolific age brackets are somewhere between 25 – 35. Netflix has clearly noticed this too as their latest masterpiece, Stanger Things taps directly into that age category.

When your average 30 year old was first getting into TV, way back in the late 80s, Sunday afternoons were filled with same kind of stuff we have now. It was all family friendly movies which hit cinema screens 5 or 6 years earlier. Today’s equivalents would be things like The Twilight Saga, Despicable Me, and Harry Potter of course. In 30 years time the kids of today will look back on these movies as classics. Many might not deserve the accolade, but will still receive such praise simply because of timing. They captured kid’s imaginations at a time when they were becoming the people they would become (if that makes sense?)

So – back in the late 80s, what were kids watching on their 4:3 analogue TV sets? War Games, Return of the Jedi, The Goonies, ET, Stand by Me to name but a few. All of these fabulous movies had came out just a few years previously. 

It’s no secret that Stranger Things takes the themes and film style of these 80s classics as inspiration. But the real question is – is it a happy coincidence that it has emerged at a time when your average Netflix user has hit the optimum age to benefit from the huge dose of nostalgia that the show offers. Did the makers strike lucky? Or was this planned? Personally I think that nothing is lucky in the incredibly complex world of TV scheduling. 

Are you of the Stranger Things boomer age? What did you watch as a kid? Please leave comments below.


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