Medicinal Minecraft.

I spent last Saturday purely playing Minecraft (Please do not judge me). I was amazed how easy it was to forget the world around me existed, and surprised at how therapeutic it felt. I would consider my working week stressful at times. It was great to be so immersed, that I could escape that stress for a few hours. This is what I love about games like Minecraft, the escapism it offers.


So this got me to thinking can games like Minecraft be used as medicine for the mind. Minecraft has many strings to its bow. With the addition of mods there is no limit. You can spend your time building wonders in creative mode, like a castle with working drawbridge and portcullis (this I found to be very relaxing).  Alternatively you can put your survival skills to the test, starting with nothing and building something (usually a wooden shack, housing a mining tunnel). You may want to stretch your mind and jet off to the moon or build a super computer. Whatever your flavour mine craft has it to offer. Each aspect of the game suits what you mind needs. Whether that be relaxation, a challenge, a strategic battle and so on. You as the player can tailor the game to what you need at that moment in time.

castle 2.jpg


My opinion is that Minecraft allows your mind to concentrate on what you are doing fully. This makes it impossible to think of everything else other than what to build and where to venture. To me this kind of escapism is like gold dust. Rare and hard to find.



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