Death Stranding – Genius or Just Plain Crazy? My Theories on What We Have Seen so Far.

Ok so I have jumped on the Kojima hype train, and quite frankly I am excited for Death Stranding. Recently a new trailer was released and I had to watch it. I will say when it finished I was confused more than ever. Although it was great to see that Mads Mikkelson and Guillermo del Toro joining in.

OK so down to the nitty gritty, still no one has a clue what this game is about. There have been a few theories. These include multidimensional travel, purgatory, limbo the list continues.

So I thought I would explore my own theories in this blog post:

My first thought is that the game uses imagery of life and death. We as humans are connected by these two life events. It happens to all of us. We are all born then in time we all die. This imagery is shown by the babies in the incubators and skeleton soldiers.

My second theory came from looking at the meaning of the word stranding.  It means to be left in an unfamiliar place without anyway of leaving. We see this with the sea creatures that have been washed ashore in the first trailer. We also see this in the second trailer with the war torn city, weird rainbow, skeleton soldiers and black goop running down everything. This world would be unfamiliar to us as humans. As a race we are always against each other in global warming, war, intolerance, these actions never take into account the world and others around us and what we are doing to it and them.

I love this quote from Teo Bugbee “The earth has been decimated by climate change, stranding what remains of humanity on a train. The survivors are divided into the haves and the have-nots, the front of the train against the back of the train”

From the moment we are born we lose those strands connecting us to others human beings. Life ends up conditioning us in different ways, causing us to treat others and the world in good and bad ways. Death stranding is almost like looking into the future of what humanity could cause.

If we take the word strand this gives a completely different meaning. It is a fibre that is woven into something like a rope. I have seen theories that this game will be a multiplayer team game. It’s as though each player will be a strand that is stranded in this inexplicable world. We know by now that if we group together and work as one a lot can be accomplished in life.

In one of Kojima’s twitter posts he says about the trailer having misleads and red herrings. I think Kojima doesn’t want everyone to know what will be in the game he wants to surprise us, make us smile to ourselves when we find a neat mechanic he has slotted in. He wants to excite people with his game development. At the moment we all think Kojima is crazy for saying that we will be fighting in this game not with guns but ropes. Yet didn’t we say that putting a man on the moon was crazy. Just because it sounds crazy does not mean it cannot be achieved. This was a huge achievement for mankind. A team dreamed to dare they could break the confines of the norm and did. I believe this is what Kojima and his team are hoping to achieve with death stranding. It will be something we have never seen before and could go either way.

In the trailer the existence of the alive beings and the dead beings i think is sometimes how we can feel in life. We know we are alive and breathing but at the same time factors such as work, other people, tragic events etc leave us feeling dead inside.

So those are my theories on the game, of course you are welcome to totally disagree and pose your own. I think it is wonderful how a developer can bring out so many theories and ideas in people. They are truly the artists of the digital age…



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